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Pipanaco (Catamarca and La Rioja Provinces)

The Pipanaco Project spans the provinces of Catamarca and La Rioja within the hydrogeological basin of the Salar de Pipanaco and at an altitude of approximately 800 meters above sea level. The southern edge of the project is accessible from both San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca and the city of La Rioja via paved roads, about two hours’ drive time from each capital city. The Project is divided into two claims groups, namely Pipanaco South and Pipanaco North.

The geological setting of the project consists of a Cenozoic sedimentary basin overlying Precambrian to Paleozoic rocks. Older rocks form the Ambato Ridge along the eastern margin of the Pipanaco Basin, with an alluvial fan playa lake containing silts, sands, clay pits and evaporites. Numerous drilling and geophysical studies have been carried out in the area, showing the potential of lithium deposits.

Mining studies were carried out by the Argentine Army between 1940-1950 in the nearby town of Los Medanos, to encourage development in the region. In 2013 a Hydrogeological Study was developed by an Argentine company indicating the presence of Lithium throughout the Salar area.

Pipanaco South – 28,500 hectares (La Rioja)

  • The Pipanaco South asset is 100% owned by TP Energy (in application).

Pipanaco North – 48,000 hectares (Catamarca)

  • The Pipanaco North asset is held in a 24-month Exploration Agreement with vendors to convert to 85% and 15% Joint Venture.

The Salar de Pipanaco Project is in a prospective area for brine exploration as reflected by historical exploration campaigns in the areas showing mineral concentration in neighbouring groundwater wells, and due to the salar characteristics of the project location. Further exploration is required to demonstrate lithium brine presence of interest before starting a drilling campaign.

SRK Consulting Group have prepared an independent report on the project and have identified high level volcanism that expresses itself at surface which gives for high levels of lithium brine concentration.

Beginning in 2019, TP Energy will further drill holes to take samples and test the lithium bearing brine and undertake magnetic and gravity surveys.

Figure 11 – Pipanaco South, La Rioja

Figure 12 – Pipanaco North, Catamarca