About Us


TP Energy is an unlisted public exploration mining company based in Sydney, Australia.

Our exploration business is positioning itself to become a leading metals supplier in the growing green energy market via Western Australia exploration assets that are highly prospective for zinc, nickel, copper, cobalt, and lithium, with some credits.  The Company is on track to becoming JORC-compliant at its key Western Australian exploration assets in 2019.

We have also secured over 400,000 hectares of copper, gold, lithium, and cobalt in Argentina, making TP Energy one of the most significant land holders in the region.

TP Energy’s most important exploration assets in Western Australia and Argentina have been independently reviewed by geological consultants, CSA Global and SRK Consulting, respectively.


TP Energy is committed to providing the battery metals to help power the new, renewable energy-based global economy.

TP Energy’s mission is to not only become a leading supplier of essential battery metals such as zinc, cobalt, nickel, magnesium and lithium but also, through our investment arm, be an active participant in the entire battery technology value chain.

We’re also committed to maximising the commercial potential and minimising the environmental impact of our operations, in keeping with the movement towards a renewable energy economy.

Accordingly, we are developing revolutionary new technology for lithium extraction from brine that aims to not only lift lithium production levels and create additional by-products such as magnesium but also enable us to operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner.